Recognize the Tenacity

Last month I was emailed a few interesting articles written by the AIA. I was impressed by our organization’s research and care into learning more about the current condition of the Emerging Professional. Well their content is just too good to keep to myself.  So here and now for your information and knowledge I give you…links. YES!

A Diverse Group Defined by Common Needs, by Kevin Fitzgerald, AIA.  Provides a glimpse to how powerful our Emerging Professional generation is and will be in the industry.

Recession Takes Its Toll on Emerging Professionals, But Most are Bouncing Back, by Jennifer Riskus.  Long title but the article hits on the key figures from the 2010 AIA/NCARB Internship and Career Survey results in a concise way.  Check out the full results of the survey if you have some time on your hands.

Design Matters in a Variety of Settings, by Zach Mortice.  Highlights the creative directions some EPs have taken during the Recession.

AIA Components Expand Opportunities for Emerging Professionals, by Marilyn Kornfeld. Features certain AIA chapters’ efforts to engage and support EPs.

These articles were reassuring to me that the AIA has seen how the Recession affected Emerging Professionals and is making it a priority to address the needs of our tenacious group.  Posts to come will include how AIA Colorado local chapters are focusing on Emerging Professionals.

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