The Studio All-Nighter, part 1

Time check? 7:45pm.

Okay, no biggie. The review is tomorrow at 1:30pm. I should be fine. I just need to tweak the digital model, render, photoshop; then its board layouts and I should be able to print with plenty of time left tomorrow first-thing. Its just that dang physical model! No problem. I’ve got a base which will work already and I’ve got all the pieces which I will cut with my trusty Olfa blade. No woodshop necessary! Whew, that’s a relief. Plus, I can build the model while I wait for the renderings. Not bad…

Time check? 7:59pm

Plenty of people here tonight, which is good. I was just talking to Chalie and he’s got more modeling to do. I’m glad I’m not him! Almost done with the digital model…these renderings are going to look amazing! Vicky’s almost done with her physical model, though. Geez, I wish I was at that point. Why did I go out last weekend? I could’ve avoided all this! Bah–I can’t get down now…I’m making good progress. This entry is still giving me trouble, though. Why has Professor Brown been on me all semester about this little entrance? Who knows, he gets hung up on the smallest parts sometimes.

Time check? 8:49pm

Okay, I’ve gotta stop talking to people. I won’t get done if I keep this up. But hearing Jenny’s stories about the latest guy she is dating is just too entertaining. Where does she find people like that? Ah! Stay focused. Okay. Entry is good, but not great. I gotta move on, though. Okay, time to start rendering. I think I’m on track. Let me get my view set up…and <render>! Whew.

Time check? 10:21pm

What? How did it get so late? And I’m only on my second rendering? Okay, don’t panic. Get started on the physical model while this renders. No problem. The base looks good, a little basic, but good for what I need. It is easy know that I’ve got the design nailed down. I know exactly which parts to cut out of the museum board. And I’ve got my transparencies for the glazing, ready to go. Fly, Olfa, fly! But keep a level head. I can’t be going to the hospital the night before the review like Smitty did last semester. Yikes! I forgot to add lights to my rendering…backtrack, backtrack. Okay, that should do it! Maybe I should get a new computer soon. That would speed up these renderings. Or maybe a different program?

Time check? 11:36pm

Thank the gods for Jenny and her coffeemaker! That’s just what I needed to get me through this. So where am I? Three images rendered, two more to go. Floor plans are done. I need to get the elevations and that dreaded section drawing! Patience, patience. At least the physical model is coming out pretty good so far. More cutting. My fingers are starting to hurt a little from all this precise cutting. My eyes feel funny, too. I gotta take it easy on the coffee after this review tomorrow. I’ve been too addicted over the past few days. Its starting to taste like water.

Time check? 12:01am

to be continued . . .

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