The Studio All-Nighter, part 2

Time check? 12:34am

I gotta take a break from the physical model. Floor plans are done, now I’m onto elevations. And the eternal question: shadows or no shadows? Meh, I’ll go with shadows. Wait, do I have the digital model in the right orientation? It looks like it…

Time check? 1:38am

Where am I now? Floor plans, check. Elevations, done but need to photoshop. Renderings: 3 of 5 and need to photoshop. Physical model: 60% done. Ok, 40% done. I still need that section, too. Dang! Chris just left–lucky him. Who else is here? I have been working so hard, I haven’t even noticed! I need to finish these renderings… Bathroom break…

Time check? 2:26am

Was I really in the bathroom that long? Oh that’s right. I stopped at CJ’s desk. He seems to be getting close to done. I don’t know about his design, though. Its either brilliant or basic; I can’t tell which. Oh well, at least this rendering is done. Let’s try multitasking. Last time I did this, my computer crashed. But it’s worth a try. Where did I save those people that Jenny gave me? Oh yeah, here they are. None of these match the perspective, though! Bah! I’ll just shrink them down and squeeze them a little. Is that guy’s shoulders really that big? Is that girl the right height? Looks like it. That coffee is still kicking me! I will be going solid all night!

Time check? 3:18am

Great! People are in my renderings and elevations AND my computer didn’t crash. I’m in luck. Jeez, I can’t believe I’m still awake. Its a little surreal. The group at the back of the studio left 20 minutes ago–said they’d be back at 6am. We’ll see about that 🙂

Time check? 4:40am

Ugh. Am I still here? That coffee wore off an hour ago. Still building physical model. No… energy…  need… sleep… The night is soooooo black. Or is that the gray of dawn? Weird. When was the last time I saw a sunrise? Oh yeah, last semester. I think I’m the only one here. It is as quiet as a graveyard. Do I have any food? Does anyone else? This CAN’T be healthy…

Time check? 6:01am

Wow that sun is bright! Is it usually that bright? I need sunglasses. I can’t believe I’m STILL working on this dang model. I just need some sleep!!! I am alternating 20 minutes of productive work and then 20 minutes of drooling-trying-to-stay-awake. Back to the computer for my board layouts. InDesign takes SO long to start up. Did I just fall asleep? Okay, what size boards do we need? I can’t remember. I’ll do 24×36. Oh yeah, I need a title to this project. Um, what should go where? How do I fit this on here? Why isn’t there a class on this? No, I’m awake. All I want to do is sleep! I’m so dead. Am I going to make it?

Time check? 10:55am

Okay, I spent waaaay too long on those layouts. But I got it over to the computer lab and the student monitor said it would be about one hour to print. I feel all out-of-sorts. What day is it? How can I not be done? I’ve been up ALL night! Why do I have to do a physical AND a digital model? Oh well. I’m beyond caring now. My cuts and attachments are way less precise, but it seems to be all right. Maybe they won’t look at it carefully. Everyone is frantic around here! Where’s the water, I mean, coffee?

Time check? 12:38pm

Done! I think. Oh–glue that other piece on–almost forgot. Showtime soon. Do I look okay? Eyes: bloodshot. Fingers: cut from modelmaking. Clothes: oh, did I bring clothes? Maybe this will show them how hard I’ve worked. Oh yeah–what am I going to say? No-sleepy-eyes-now-too-much-adrenaline!

Time check? oh <expletive>, I’m next…

They have absolutely no idea what I’ve been through in the past 24 hours.

“Thank you for coming. My design centers around the concept of…”

the end

2 thoughts on “The Studio All-Nighter, part 2

  1. Thanks for sharing this very personal story! It sounds all to familiar, and brings back many (often painful) memories of the all-nighter, particularly the “time check”, which always seems to get further and further apart. I wish I could say that once you get through school your all-nighters will be behind you. I was once told that “if you’re working nights or weekends than you didn’t plan the project appropriately”. Anyone out there have any good ideas on how to make this goal of appropriate project planning a reality!? Is it possible?

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