Welcome Heather Greenfield, Assoc. AIA!

I am happy to announce Heather Greenfield, Assoc. AIA, as our sixth writer to join our blogging team.  Driven and talented, Heather is about to embark on the onerous rite of passage known as the AREs.  It should be fun to read about her adventures through it.  Heather is a noted leader in the Colorado Emerging Professional community and I could go on and on…but why not check out her profile instead?  You can look forward to posts by Heather in the coming weeks.

With Heather as our second Associate writer, are contributor team is at capacity.  But there’s still plenty of opportunity for our readers to contribute.  You’ll notice at the top of our blog is a Suggestion Box.  Yep…Classic, we know.  Basically we wanted to make another way to interact with our readers.  Want to discuss something that hasn’t been covered in a post yet?  Post a comment in the Suggestion Box and we’ll gladly engage in the conversation.

Last thing I wanted to let y’all in on is our posting schedule.  You can count on us to have a new post for your reading pleasure every Monday and Friday morning.  Wednesdays we like to use to for announcements of events or issues as they pertain to our community or the blog itself.

I think that’s all for now folks!  Have a great Wednesday!