Show ‘n Tell – no.1

Every 7th post, we will be displaying a collection of images to serve as inspiration and a source of discussion.

I bring you an image courtesy of Ensamble Studios.  Yes, that is a cantilevered swimming pool.  Remember this the next time your professor says “Structurally, that isn’t likely to happen.”  Just pray they don’t ask you what it is going to cost.

Patrick asks you a question; “Construction contest: which roof will leak first?”

Adam brings you two images.  “Never wait until “next time”, Carpe Diem!”

Megan shares a stunning image from Larimer Square.  “Do you ever experience random moments where your visual perspective is so compositionally captivating?  This week while dining on the second floor of Ocean Prime in Denver my view of Larimer Square below and the reflection of the bar within created something magical.”

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

One thought on “Show ‘n Tell – no.1

  1. Great to finally see images…those focused on inspiring creative thinking seem to be the best. I enjoyed the current event photos but narratives wouldbe helpful for those who aren’t as familiar with Christ Church or whatever images you’re using. Also, let’s celebrate some local designs. Let us know what you think about what is here…good and bad.

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