Celebrate Good Times, C’mon!

Who doesn’t love this song?!?! It’s snappy and fun with great horn section and a few “Whaahoos!” I can’t help but smile and feel the happy rhythm go through me. Celebration by Kool and The Gang has been part of my personal soundtrack recently. Two weeks ago I got a job in architecture and finally I was able to let loose and celebrate.

Early in my unemployment I learned of a sensitivity that comes with it.  It feels an awful like a chip on your shoulder and makes it difficult to let loose.
One instance I got a call about a great lead for work and a potential interview. After I hung up the phone, I danced around and happily shouted in my naivety at the opportunity. Well maybe that was a little too much celebrating… I took the call in front of another unemployed friend who took my jubilance as “rubbing it in.”
Another time I was at a crowded table having drinks with friends and one of them announces she got a job that week.  “That’s great!” I say with a somewhat forced smile on my face.  She had been unemployed for about a month, while I was on month 16. Then she told me how she got the job, “I just sent in my resume” and it was like salt on a wound. On the outside I was a supportive friend, cheers-ing to her accomplishment, and on the inside I was questioning if any of my job market strategies were even working. I got over my sensitivity quick, this was her celebration and regardless of the circumstances, she deserved it.
What I want to point out here is yes, it is definitely easier to celebrate when you’re employed then when your unemployed but the importance is to celebrate.  If that friend is getting a job then perhaps they’re the canary in the coal mine (without the whole negative death part) and the market is starting to turn.

Celebrations are an important part of life, marking milestones with festivities.  Whether you get dragged to yet another wedding or graduation party, put aside those personal hang-ups and enjoy the moment.

Back to my celebration, the Friday before I started at my new job, my wonderful friends threw a party for me and I was honored by how many showed up.  They were all so supportive and I was so grateful for their sincerity in celebrating my achievement.  Others have their moment and this was mine.

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