Architecture Month 2011, 50% review.

 We are just over half way through April, which is Architecture Month here in Colorado.  Yes there is such a thing, and for those who don’t know, there are many great events planned each year to celebrate our profession.  I thought now would be a good time to share my experiences with a few of the happenings thus far.  Call it a 50% review.  Something to wet your palate, and entice you to catch one of the events still available this year.  Maybe a tasty treat inspired by one of Colorado’s own architectural wonders!?

This is the first year I actually devoted some time to volunteer for Architecture Month.  I sat on the Young Architects Awards Gala planning committee, formed a team and built a modern home for the recent ideas competition, and just recently served as an “Official Construction Forman” for the very impressive box city event at the Webb Building downtown.

The Young Architects Awards Gala is quite a party; if you’ve never been I highly recommend setting it in your calendar for next year.  I think everyone in attendance had a great time; seeing many old friends and making new “connections”.  The location was raw and a bit off the beaten path, but thanks to the effort of all those who transformed the space, the event became an interesting mixture of the building’s old bones and their creative installation.  Congratulations to the night’s winners, and thanks again to all the generous sponsors!

I’m sure everyone reading this (wishful thinking?) already knows that a group of friends and I experienced a mixture of challenges and rewards in setting up a competition team for the recently completed modern house ideas competition.  I’m happy to report that we successfully melded our many “ideas” into a solid entry that we all feel proud of.  I’m not sure how many teams were there in total, but it took me a good hour to make it around that giant table full of amazing models!  Again, I highly recommend finding the time to see this unique display of our local architectural talent.

Lastly, I just wanted to mention theBoxCityevent that I saw unfold before my eyes this last Saturday morning.  I have to admit that I was totally unaware of what to expect, and perhaps a bit nervous about the role I had been assigned.  The term “construction zone” just sounded so scary when mixed with “kids up to fifth grade”.  I’m happy to report that to my knowledge there were no injuries or serious emotional damage by either the volunteer staff or the kids in attendance.  Perhaps the most rewarding moment for me was seeing the four year old little girl’s eyes light up when I handed her a five foot tall box to help build her requested “skyscraper”.

So go grab a flick, try a delicious design, or visit a local landmark and design studio.  You have twelve more days and many more events.  Look up, look around, and consider how architecture contributes to the many ways in which our lives unfold.

Visit the AIA Colorado webpage for more info.

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