Show ‘n Tell No. 3

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Nathan (1 image) – “An anamorphosis is a drawing presenting a distorted image that appears in natural form under certain conditions, as when viewed at a raking angle or reflected from a curved mirror. This is an image of a rectifying lens correcting a distorted drawing. I find the architectural implications of this type of visual (de)-construction fascinating.”

Patrick (1 image) – “I’m lovin’ it.”

Adam (3 images) – “I recently helped a friend of mine build this screen wall for his backyard. It felt good to get off the computer for a while. I think all designers should build something as often as possible… a perfect, consistent miter is much harder to achieve in the field than it is in ACAD!”

Meg (2 images) – “A not-so-secret fascination of mine is old agricultural buildings. How can one deny the beauty in their detail, construction and efficient capture of program? Not to mention how perfectly they fit in the landscape.”

Heather (1 image) – “Preserving the past. Preparing for the future.”

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