Show ‘n Tell No. 4

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Welcome to Show’n Tell No. 4

I’m in the process of restoring a lamp from the 1950’s (pictures to follow later), and along with some wood refinishing and shade replacement, the bulbs will be upgraded to LED. Take a look at this game changer from Phillips. We have one of these as a demo in our office, and the color rendition is great. Check out the New York Times article for information about the LED bulb contest and when you might find this in a store near you.


Megan brings us two images this week. “Designing for the experience. I love sports architecture because one of its main goals is fan experience. From water fountains in the outfield to fun signage on the concourse every detail is designed to help orchestrate a memorable experience.”

Finally, Adam brings us 6 images to wrap up the week. “Some quick images of a recent project I helped a Japanese artist build. It was part of the Biennial of the Americas at Platte Forum. Built from a deconstructed cabin taken from the Mountains in our very own backyard. We built the canvas, she provided the performance.”

Have a GREAT holiday weekend!

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