What are YOU doing today?

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Today, the six of us are sharing our activities of the day.

Me? I can’t seem to get off the phone, which is why this post is almost 6 hours late. As I return one message, another one comes in. Construction Administration on a 3+ year-long construction project on a Federal facility will do that to you on a Monday.

Megan says that “while waiting for our office’s Monday morning meeting, I’m going through old emails on my main project. So many emails get sent out to our team on the East Coast that some questions may fall by the way side.”

Adam share four images. “This is a quick shot of my studio. We are working on a photography studio for PhotoElement, a local photography company. Who knew producing something with integrity for less than $100/sf would be so challenging!? Charlie Brown (my Lab) is always here to help, and we’re loving the work.”

Heather shares a shot of her morning redlines.

Patrick laments on the challenges of a specific plan type. “Radial plans: way more cool in concept than to lay out successfully.”

And finally, Kevin. He might be having the most fun of all of us. Solitaire and coffee in the “home office”

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