Where do you do YOUR work?

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This week, its pictures of our home offices. “Office” might be a bit strong, but for some of us, this is the last bastion of a work studio we don’t have anymore. Outside of the office, where do you work? What makes it special?

My apartment has a pretty great built-in. A granite counter with just enough room for the lap top and the monitor. There are plenty of shelves and drawers and the light is comfortable as well. Cookbooks are on one side, and drawing books on the other, and my old license plate from Michigan, ARKITEC. And yes, I know how to spell architect.

Meg says that her dining room table makes a good office space. The corkboard on the wall keeps mementos: old tickets, pictures of friends, and golf scorecards. The flowers are her weekly $10 treat to herself, picked because of they’re “happy” colors. Does this workspace work? Yes…but she would like to stop eating dinner at the coffee table.

Patrick feels like Harry Potter without the cupboard.

Adam? Well, Adam is…under construction.

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