Grillin’ Questions for AIA Candidate Brandon Rutledge

Our third and final Associate Director-Elect Candidate is Brandon Rutledge, Assoc. AIA. Check out his Q&A below and feel free to leave comments or questions for Brandon.

Generally, through what capacities do you connect with other associates?

Currently I connect through other associate members of the AIA through events and committees. I have volunteered for Box City, sat on the YAAG committee and am an active member of ACAD. I knew a lot of fellow students through AIAS and professionals through the ACE Mentoring program while I was in school at UCD; and now that I’ve graduated, I am looking for ways to integrate myself into the profession.  My limited professional experience has prepared me to begin taking the AREs, I am still trying to fill IDP categories, and I am taking advantage of the Emerging Professionals Companion with my AIA mentor. I have been studying with other professionals and teamed up for the Modern Home design competition as well as one with Habitat for Humanity competition in Kittredge  CO.

Generally, through what capacities do you connect with people outside the profession?

I connect with non-Architecture folks in the same way many connect here in Colorado: I snowboard, love to hike, camp and ride bikes all the time.  Another passion I have is cooking and baking, plus I’m a major DIYer and have made many of the furniture pieces in my home.

Your term as AIA Colorado Associate Director will be in 2013, the same year the AIA National Convention is in Denver. What topics or events would you like to see during the convention relating to associate members?

I am interested to see and explore topics at the 2013 AIA National Convention such as integrated design and construction approaches to projects, beyond simply design-build.  Also, I am interested to listen to how firms are adapting to the economic climate of the times, i.e. far fewer projects getting constructed. How can jobs be created in architecture? From where does the next project come?… That type of discussion.

How might you “bridge the gap” between AIAS members, Associate members, and Architect members?

Bridging the gap between AIAS, Associate AIA members and Architects is a tricky situation.  We all must know and understand the struggles and disconnection between the three distinct parties.  I’m not claiming to know all, but I understand the road to licensure and the disconnect from school and the profession/business of architecture.  I think architectural designers are optimists by nature and should know what options are out there and get a chance to explore them on their own, while not falling victim to regurgitated stereotypes and negativity.  I plan to continue volunteering and communicating with many different factions of our industry to learn more about our needs as designers of the built environment.

What is your “million dollar idea” if you are elected to Associate Director-Elect?

I wasn’t aware that this position was raffling ideas for money! I’m not sure I can change the world with my idea, but here goes:  I will listen and learn.  I will listen to the voices of others and learn what their needs are now.  I will listen to those at AIA and learn the dynamic of our current situation.  I don’t give outrageous claims and false hopes, just my attention to others.

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