You may be an Architect if…

Is it really October already!?  What a fast and furious summer this was!  Our EP Blog team has been super busy, both with this collective endeavor and with our individual pursuits.  Projects have been completed, new employment found, existing relationships strengthened and new ones begun.  Our blog received over 11,000 views and just yesterday we celebrated our first year together.

One big CONGRATS goes out to our tireless leader, Meg Kullerd, AIA on her newly minted architecture license, her move back to Denver, her recent engagement to one awesome guy (Matt you rock!), and her new position with RNL.  Man, the rest of us need to get busy!

For today’s post I thought I would take a step back from my usual deep and thought provoking insight (reaching?) and instead offer something a bit more lighthearted.  I’ve been watching a LinkedIn discussion develop for some time.  Started by the architect Bob Borson, who pens the blog “Life of an Architect”, these are but a few of the thoughts contributed by many individuals.

The list is simply hilarious, and after reading most of these I’m fully convinced that I AM AN ARCHITECT.


You may be an architect if…

-You wear a lot of black.
-You don’t know anyone who works 40 hours a week.
-You’ve spent 80% of your life overloaded with work and the other 20% with no work at all.
-You don’t have a pension…and aren’t sure what one is….
-Retirement is cutting back to 40 hour work weeks.
-Your house will never be finished.
-You envision a world better than it is, hope for client to get it there, and pray that your checkbook holds out until then.
-You wear your bow tie to …everything.
-You realize that in your career you will: once have a client with an open mind, once have a client with an open budget, never have a client with both.
-If anyone has ever asked you advice on how to fix a network server and you have to explain that you are the other kind of architect…the real kind.
-You’ve been sued.
-All your classmates from school who have left Architecture earn twice what you do, but work half the hours.
-You truly believe that you have never actually completely finished a set of working drawings . . .
-You wear a sports coat with blue jeans.
-You built a new house for yourself and then start remodeling it before you move in.
-You still tweak design details even when driving past a project you completed 10 years ago.
-If you have an undying faith in the future no matter what and a commitment to community through time.
-You devote countless hours to a successful project where the reward is lack of punishment!
-You offer solutions to homeowners at every dinner party, even when you are not asked.
-If your out for dinner and your children ask you why you’re counting ceiling tiles?
-All your vacation pics are of buildings and vistas, but no kids or spouse.
-Simple explanations take 30 minutes.
-When you do not work overtime, you get worried and start looking for work.
-You can’t explain anything without making a sketch of it.
-you excel at the game “Pictionary”.
-You can letter upside down, entertaining clients and party guests alike.
-You say “letter.” Most of the human race calls that “writing” by the way.
-When you walk into a room/space and look up and then around.
-You can say MASONRY instead of MASONARY.

And my personal favorite:

-After winning the lottery, you are asked what you plan to do with your winnings, and you reply “Stay in business until the money runs out.”


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