Like to write?

“If you put good stuff out to the universe, it’ll come back to you.” Not that I believe in any New Age mumbo-jumbo but after the month I’ve had, I can give merit to that statement. Like the day after my last post, my license arrived and the good stuff kept on coming!

No joke, I feel like I’ve been tenderized by the God-Mallet of Good. As Adam noted, a ton of life changing events have happened to me. Now, three weeks later, I feel like I’ve found some sort of footing, from actually having a daily schedule to now knowing where all my stuff is, even if some of it is still in boxes!

So now on to blog business… here’s a call out to all Colorado AIA Associates. We are looking to add another member to our blogging team.

  • Do you ponder things about being an associate and wish you could share your thoughts with others?
  • Do you enjoy learning things and sharing those lessons with others?
  • Do you want give back to the community and in return get a little public exposure? (and by a little I mean WORLD WIDE!)

But most importantly, do you like to write?

Then shoot us an email.

In other news, in the right margin you’ll see we got our twitter account rollin’. So feel free to follow us at AIACO_EP. We’ll be tweeting intriguing thoughts, cool architecture events and links to fun posts by others.

Happy Friday!

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