It’s all about the EPs, Baby!

AIArchitect, the enewsletter of AIA National, did a special issue focusing on Emerging Professionals last month.

I particularly enjoyed Robert Ivy’s essay and found some key points that really hit home.

  • “Mentorship, particularly during the internship period, can make a tremendous difference to a young professional. When you feel alone, an experienced hand can steer you and change your motivation.”
  • “And we remember, each one of us, the vulnerability and worth of each young professional struggling to make their way, because we’ve all been there. The challenge for all of us—emerging professional and seasoned old hand—is to continue our dialogue, and for the architect who has made it, to reach back and give the next generation a much-needed helping hand.”

Also not to miss is the quirky infographic for Architects and how they can invest in the next generation.

Another pretty cool thing (which I am totally stoked about) is that this issue featured our blog on its links section. It’s in the right column, under FROM AIA.

To explore this issue of AIArchitect for yourself: click here.

Frankly, I would love to see the AIArchitect feature more about Emerging Professionals, and mentorship, and career development and…and…and… But I guess that’s how this blog got started. If you are an AIA Associate member living in Colorado and are interested in joining our team, send us a note.

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