Task list of terror

Class ends early on a Friday morning, and those of us not making an immediate break from campus head upwards three floors. Only small pockets of us occupy the empty studio spaces spanning glass from wall to glass wall, our particular group still seeming to spit up water from how badly we’ve been drowning over the last few weeks.

Coughs aside, and new breaths taken, we congratulate each other for making it. We ask each other about any non-school plans and even make tentative plans to meet before classes start again, plans vaguer even than anything I’ve drawn for studio.

Break. We have a break. Our whole week of Thanksgiving is a break from school.

I had to repeat myself then just to believe it, jittery in anticipation.  And I’ll have to repeat myself fifteen minutes from now, staring with haunted expression at myself via bathroom mirror as I get ready for my first class in a week and a half. We had an entire week off from school.

Saturday. First day off, clean the warzone of an apartment. Sunday. The second day off, the same excuse as the first to ignore school. Monday already. Hmm. Thanksgiving isn’t even here, worry about school on Friday. Waste some time, it’s break!

Friday hits. I roll out of bed and onward to my futon. Sprawled awkwardly in a semblance of sitting, still satiated from seventeen dishes, my hand claws for a pen. Three or four swings later, the closest paper is a discarded (but unopened) envelope on the floor. Closest thing: perfect.

Dreaming of caffeine, had I even had any beans to grind and soak, I wouldn’t even have room in my stomach left for sweet coffee. No matter, I have none at hand anyways. Unable to fuel movement anymore, my pen hand collapses on the paper below. I think, and I scrawl.

Friday morning, no class until Tuesday, and I have my work lined out already. Piece of cake. Wait, it’s time to roll over to a relative’s house for post-Thanksgiving fixings. I hope I get a piece of cake there!

A late night later, Saturday comes.

Three days left, four classes’ worth of work. Time for number one on the list. And then on to number four as I realize I don’t know how to do the first three. Same with four. Uh-oh. Okay, skip this class for now. Back to the task list. Hmm… if I sit staring at my computer screen long enough..?

Monday night. All I’ve accomplished is burning my eyes with my laptop’s unchanging screen – back to the nearly torn up task list… I slam some Aspirin and go to bed.

Tuesday morning, the terror enough to wake me, I lie there a few minutes staring at my ceiling until my phone buzzes. Reminder: Post to blog.

Sigh. That wasn’t even on my list! Throwing myself out of bed, I scramble to write. As I go to post, I realize my reminder was set for a week in advance… What a break it’s been.

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