Borrowed Bloggers

Did you ever hear of the Emerging Professionals Coalition (EPC) and wonder what is it? Or did you miss out on a great Emerging Professionals event because you didn’t know about it?  Well hopefully over the course of the next year this blog can help answer some of your questions, and make sure that you’re informed of what’s happening here in Colorado.  Beginning with this blog post, every seventh post will be provided by a guest blogger.  These “borrowed bloggers” are going to be people involved in AIA Colorado leadership roles and the community of Emerging Professionals.

I’ll introduce some of these bloggers by first explaining what EPC is all about. It’s a group of people striving to look out for the interests of the upcoming generation of architecture professionals.  There are three main groups that make up Emerging Professionals of the AIA :  students, associate members and young architects licensed for less than 10 years.  The EPC consists of representatives from all of these groups.

Cynthia Fishman, the AIA Colorado Associate Director-Elect for 2012, and myself, the AIA Colorado Associate Director for 2012, are two of those representatives and we will be providing Emerging Professionals blog inputs throughout the coming year.

The young architects are represented on the EPC by Cara Hlad, leader of the Young Architects Forum for Colorado.

Stephen Cole, President of the University of Colorado chapter of the American Institute of Architecture Students, represents students.

Brandon Anderson, the state IDP coordinator, is also a part of the EPC to ensure the professional development side of things are well covered.  All of these EPC members will be providing blog inputs this year.

Additionally, Associate Directors of the Colorado local chapters: Meghan Molin, Associate Director for AIA Colorado North, Sheva Pourabdollah, Associate Director for AIA Colorado South, and of course Meg Kullerd, the Associate Director for AIA Denver, will be blogging about issues and events happening in their respective areas of the state.

Tom Quaas, President of the University of Colorado Boulder chapter of AIAS will also be contributing insights, thoughts and upcoming activities.

We all look forward to seeing you on this blog in the coming year, and hopefully meeting you in person at some of the many events we have planned.  If you have any thoughts, questions or concerns with regard to the emerging professionals, please let us know.  My e-mail address is, if I’m not the right person to help, hopefully I’ll know who to put you in touch with.

Good luck in the coming year!

-Chuck Shifflett, Assoc. AIA, 2012 AIA Colorado Associate Director

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