There’s stuff to do!

Like most folks I get amped up about Spring! The simple fact that it’s stays brighter longer in the day, just makes me feel more productive.

So if you’re looking for something to focus that new found energy, I’ve got stuff for AIAS and AIA Associate members:

How about a design competition?

AIAS with the AARP is having a competition titled: Aging In Place: Kitchen Design Competition.

It asks students to design a comfortable, safe, and functional kitchen for all generations to live in. Students are encouraged to utilize sustainable and universal design principles in their planning, as well as make it aesthetically pleasing while using innovative techniques. Total prize money is $14,125 including $6,000 for the first place winning design and it’s open to students and young designers that have graduated within 18 months of the registration deadline (April 15th).

Here is a link to the competition website,, where students can download the program, get information about the site selection, evaluation criteria, awards, additional resources to help them create their design, and more.

For Associate members, how about brushing up on IDP 2.0?

TODAY!  ACAD (Associates Committee of AIA Denver) has invited Colorado’s IDP Coordinator, Brandon Anderson, AIA,  to discuss the fast approaching changes to IDP and what that will mean for each of us.  You should be aware that on April 3rd, NCARB will shut down and launch its next installment of changes to the path of licensure that ultimately will affect everyone currently enrolled in IDP.  Please join ACAD for this discussion and bring your questions for Brandon Anderson to help answer.  As always, refreshments will be served!

When?: TODAY! 5:30pm at the AIA’s new office located at 303 E. 17th Ave., Ste. 110 Denver, CO 80203.

That’s it for now. I’m off  with my sandwich to enjoy some sun during my lunch break!

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