It’s Time to Move On.

Today is my last blog post for the AIA Colorado EP blog. I am stepping down from my leadership and writer position in order to ensure the quality of contributions to it. This blog will continue progressing forward and connecting with Emerging Professionals across the country, maybe even in other countries too!

When I created this blog, I had plenty of time on my hands. I was unemployed and single. Now almost two years later, I’m fully employed as an architect and mere weeks away from being married. Change has happened so much for me in recent years that I’ve come to respect it as a part of life. Ugh…and that mature thought makes me feel old sometimes. But now Change is here because I find myself spread too thin between multiple commitments, and as a person committed to quality, I’d rather step down and give someone else the opportunity to lead, than to have the blog suffer due to a decline in my energies to it.

What I will miss the most is the blog team. None of us knew each other before the blog and now they are some of my closest friends. I will definitely not miss getting up at 5am to finish blog writing before my 8am post, while getting ready for work no less! Aside from the early mornings, I enjoyed writing about topics that were constantly brought up in my conversations with other Emerging Professionals. My favorite posts were:  Take it or Leave it- The Patch Job (It was my very first post and still one of my favorites.), Working the Market– Dating and Job Searching (My ‘Carrie Bradshaw’ moment.), and Surviving the Rollercoaster (Reflective on how to be there for someone who just got laid off)

I am so very proud of how this blog has grown in less than two years. In that time we’ve written 160 posts and had over 22, 000 hits. Our writers work has been featured in CRIT, the quarterly publication of the AIAS and shared on the AIAS enewsletter. Our Twitter followers and email subscribers grow each week. We’ve integrated guest writer spots into the schedule bringing more diversity to the EP blog’s voice. Other good things are in store for the blog  which will role out in the upcoming months. Stay tuned!

I leave knowing the blog is excellent hands and will continue doing what I intended for it to do – be a voice for the Emerging Professionals.


Megan Kullerd, AIA

One thought on “It’s Time to Move On.

  1. Meg, You, your wise words and wit will be missed. Thank you for all your efforts in publishing. You have reached across the nation to me and my peers and we have enjoyed the views of our common topics. Wishing you all the best in all your future endeavors!

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