I was again asked to provide the social media content for this fall’s AIA Colorado Practice and Design Conference, a task I really enjoyed last time around. For those of you who are not familiar with the Practice and Design Conference (PDC) it is an eye-opening three days of speakers, networking and Architectural insights. There may also be a few drinks consumed during the evenings. In short it is a great time for all and a wonderful opportunity to not only connect with others in our Colorado community, but also to learn from some of the top practitioners in the field today.

To begin to whet your appetite I thought I would share some of the content produced for last year’s conference. We have a blog that contains recoded interviews with the speakers, “live blog” content from the individual sessions, and schedules that will help you navigate all of the awesome activities.

Here is a short collection of highlights from last year, I hope you enjoy and that it gets you excited about this fall’s PDC 2012! I’ll be sure to keep you posted regarding all of the developing events so that you don’t miss a thing!

Bing Thom Architects is one of those rare architecture firms. Headed by a visionary leader, BTA has a relatively small but highly innovative team of architects and planners whose work has quietly garnered some of the architecture world’s top prizes. Bing Thom was awarded the Order of Canada in 1995 (the nation’s highest civilian honor). The firm received the 2010 Firm Award from the RAIC, and just this year Bing Thom received the Gold Medal from the RAIC. To say this is an influential and inspiring firm simply falls short. See the interview here.

-I have been following the award winning firm Snøhetta for some time, and have slowly been transformed into a fan due to such innovative project solutions as the National Opera House in Oslo and more recently their National September 11th Memorial Museum Pavilion.  Today’s interview is with Mr. Craig Dykers, Senior Partner, Director and Architect with Snøhetta, and the lead designer for the 9/11 pavilion. Snøhetta is an international architecture and landscape architecture practice originally founded in Oslo, Norway in 1989. Since its founding Snøhetta has garnered much acclaim for their innovative designs, and now operate from offices in Oslo and New York. See the interview here.

-I had the distinct pleasure of speaking with two of the founders of MASS Design Group, Mr. Michael Murphy and Mr. Alan Ricks. Mass Design Group is a 501c3 pending not-for-profit design firm. MASS creates well-built environments using appropriate design, local investment, and innovation to break the cycle of poverty. They collaborate with governments, NGOs, private sector firms, and health care experts to advocate for the most underserved and provide scalable models of community-based development and training. Diverse projects such as the Butaro Hospital and the Girubuntu primary school are just two examples of their work that is, as they put it, “based in 3 sectors that form the core of our work: appropriate design, local investment, and innovation”. See the interview here.

-Ms. Carol Ross Barney, FAIA, founder and principal of Ross Barney Architects, located in Chicago. R_Barc is a firm whose work has garnered wide acclaim, including 4 national AIA Honor Awards and over twenty AIA Chicago Awards. In 2005 Carol Ross Barney was the recipient of the Thomas Jefferson Award for Public Architecture, an award recognizing personal excellence in architectural achievement.

These are just a few of the many speakers from last year, so explore the blog a bit. We can’t wait to share with you the many exciting things planned for 2012. Stay tuned!

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