Are you feeling uninspired? Have the concerns of work or school worn you down to the point where everything just feels bland and mundane, another task in a mountain of to-do’s? Are you in a rut?

Well, I’m pretty sure it happens to everyone and often, it just takes a little bit of inspiration to get yourself out of it. Sometimes I find that I lose perspective on what I’m doing. Work or studio becomes less about the exciting stuff; a building being finished, an idea transformed into a physical reality, and more about figuring out how to do something in Revit or having to call someone to make sure they followed up on an action item. While the everyday tasks and minutiae are necessary to our work, if I’m honest with myself, I’m not really that inspired by them.

I want to be inspired.  I want to be reminded why I am working so hard to become an architect and sometimes that reminder and inspiration can come from unexpected places.
I am helping out with the AIA State Convention and one of my tasks is to interview a number of the speakers. Each speaker is giving a talk on a topic that ties in with the Convention theme. My task is to learn a bit about each speaker and with the help of AIA Colorado, ask them a series of questions to pique people’s interest in the speakers at the Convention.

This sounded like a great idea but the timing of it was tricky, a couple work project deadlines and school concerns were eating up my time during the day and every task was starting to seem arduous and overbearing. But, it had to get done so I started with some simple Googling and book searches of the speakers. And I found inspiration.

Many of the speakers have given video interviews or were even subjects of short movies, so I was able to sit back and watch these architects talk about what inspired them. It was awesome. Here was a group of architects, pushing the boundaries of our profession, making cool spaces, collaborating on huge projects, re-thinking the role of the architect, and they were all excited about it. They could see the connection between drafting technology and final form, between contract negotiations and the role of the architect in the building profession. Their vision of the profession and enthusiasm for the work grounded me and re-focused my efforts on the tasks I had at hand.

So the next time I’m in a rut at work or school, I’m going to take a few minutes and do a bit of reading up on an architect that I admire. I’m guessing that even a few minutes with their words and images of their completed work, I’ll remember how cool, fun, and interesting our profession can be.

One thought on “Inspiration

  1. Wonderful! And if you develop a core inspiration that comes from deep inside, it’ll be even more powerful. It’s a valuable investment whenever you have a big undertaking starting.


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