The Office “All-Nighter”

One of my all-time favorite posts on our blog was an early contribution. Entitled The Studio All-Nighter (a two part series!), this post really resonated with my own experiences in graduate level studios. So, to continue in that vein, I thought I might share with you a recent experience my team had leading up to a recent deadline. However, please keep in mind that I am (slightly) older than said previous author, and also have a little guy at home who currently likes the mornings more than I.  For me, an “all-nighter” means I didn’t get to bed before 4am. That said, the following events took place in late summer, 2012.

Thursday: 5pm

We’re not leaving on time tonight. Bummer, because Baby Boy will be down in an hour or so. It is a forty-five minute drive home at this time anyway, and he’s supposed to be in bed by 6:30 or so. Oh well, the goal is in sight. This project is becoming one of the most complex of my career, and only the second one using this program. Why did I wait so long to convert? No problem, twenty feet of drop across the site means below podium uses are shown over two plans and indicated as two separate levels- but wait, that equates to how many plan regions in the Revit model!? Don’t show weakness. Get these unit plans to show up correctly and then move on.

Time check: 7pm

Wha? Kevin’s calling for dinner already? It’s super nice of him to buy. It’s nice to look up from the computer for a bit. This really is a cool office. Great open conversion of an historic space; an old firehouse, right? Yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s what those framed-in holes in the ceiling were for, fire poles. Being downtown is great. Kevin’s running to grab some Illegal Pete’s. I’m sort of jealous of the walk, maybe I should have gone with him. At least I can finish adding these last few extra closets before he gets back. Who would have thought a vertical FCU would take up so much space?

Time Check: 10:30pm

Oh my, how did it get so late so fast? I’m not sure I should really be starting on these code plans at this hour. I’m glad these things are as far along as they are. Oh man, this is a complicated project. Ok, 3 hour separation with type IA construction below and type VA above. One, two, three, four….how many uses? Wow that adds up to a lot of occupants, better check these areas again. Perfect. I can’t believe things are checking out this well on such a huge ball of wax. Oh yeah, frontage. Matt had a great diagram showing frontage, I should check out that set.

Time Check: 1am

Yikes. That was intense. I have to keep reminding me myself that this is a DD set, still going to be lots of work to do over the coming months. Starting to miss my son, glad I have that super cute picture of him on my desk. How many hours has it been over the past few weeks? I’m not sure I want to know at this point. Strange I don’t feel burned out. I think Confucius might have said something about that – “do something you love and you’ll never work again”. Ha, maybe that’s pushing it a bit. Focus. Ok, the code plans are DD ready. Still time to help pick up those last few redlines that are popping up. Divide and conquer guys. Man, this program rocks!

Time Check: 3am

Yep, it’s getting late. Things are looking pretty solid. Last of the PDFs are rolling off the dialogue, guess we’ll get things posted and prints ordered in the morning. Maybe I should go ahead and head out. Funny, I used to be so much more of a night owl. Maybe I’m just not as young as I think I am. Nah, I’m still young, I can do this. Maybe I can wake Clayton up when I get home. I guess I probably shouldn’t, not sure momma would be too happy with that. Oh well, I’ll get to see him in a few hours when he decides to greet the sunrise with me. Ahh, the life of an Architect.

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