A talk with EB Min, AIA

EB Min is is one of two founding principals of the San Fransisco based Min/Day Architects. With a diverse background in art history and studio art, EB began her architectural studies as a cross-registered student at the Rhode Island School of Design. Today EB, along with her partner Jeffrey Day head a diverse practice that provides informed and flexible design solutions for a wide range or clients, sites, and projects.

EB will be sharing with us insight into her practice at this fall’s AIA Colorado Practice and Design Conference. Her session is entitled “Anything Goes” (Sat. 11/3 @ 5pm). In her session brief EB tells us, “This session will be a presentation of the ideas and attitudes that have shaped our practice. This year’s AIA Colorado Design Conference theme, The New Normal, is interesting to us as what had been fairly unusual and unlikely when we founded our practice (to have 2 partners in different cities) has become much more accepted and normal today. We started our practice asking ourselves “why not?”. The presentation will focus on our approach to practice and our process, the exchange between pro-bono and commissioned work, the interface between academia and professional practice, and incorporating new technologies in design.”.

For more information on Min/Day architects visit www.minday.com. For more insight from EB herself register for this fall’s conference or simply enjoy the interview below!

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