New Year, New Inspiration…

My 2012 “Best of” List; Resources, writing, and visuals for Architects’ surfing the big www….

The end of each year brings inevitable reflection, as well as a chance to indulge in annual traditions and habits. One of my favorite aspects of the end of a calendar year is a chance to read the many “Best of 2012” lists. Usually predictable and often random or arbitrary, these lists range from books to musical albums to the surprising list of “140 best twitter feeds” (in homage to the 140 allowable characters in a tweet.) I like these lists because they are neat, packaged summaries of things worth doing, reading, and listening to, etc. Having often been chosen by an expert in a particular field, they serve as a guide or resource of recommendations that I might not have otherwise taken heed of in the past 365 days of hustle and bustle.

A few days ago, I received an amazing list in my in-box, courtesy of Connie Caldwell, the Director of Career Services for Syracuse University’s School of Architecture. After polling all of our alumni, she generated a list of favorite architectural websites/resources. To be honest, as an avid archi-web-surfer that finds inspiration in imagery and shared ideas as well as excitement in knowing what is being built, discussed, and trending on a global level, this list (plus a few of my personal additions) was simply too good not to share (and add to.. some of my favorites have been added to the list as well..)

So my gift to you this holiday season is a quick look at some amazing architecture/design/research sites for you to peruse, learn from, enjoy, etc. As people that are engaged in a collaborative field that requires sharing, critique, and learning from the past and present to build the future, hopefully some of these websites might serve as resources that will inform or enhance your projects, or simply serve as delicious new pinterest eye-candy…

Either way, enjoy, and feel free to comment and share your favorite sites as well.. and Happy New Year from all of the AIA Colorado Emerging Professional Bloggers! We are looking forward to an amazing year in 2013—complete with an AIA National Convention in Denver, and weekly exciting discourse and blog posts leading up to the event!

For Design:

Online lectures:

Vanderbilt Lectures Online

Yale Lectures Online

IIT Lectures Online

AA Lectures Online

*** For BIM:
BIM and Beam –
Whos Afraid of the Big Bad BIM –
Revit Forum Blog –
Do U Revit –
BIM ThinkSpace –
Revit Rants –
Revit Templateer –
HOK BIM Solutions –
Revit Randoms –
Paradigm Shift –
What Revit Wants –
The Revit Kid –
The Revit Clinic –
Shades of Grey –
Revit Futures –
Revittize –
Revit Detail –
Malleristic Revitation –
Revit –
Revit Oped –
All Things Bim -
(bim)x –
Revit Structure Learning Curve –
Inside the System –
The building Coder –
Simply Complex –
Inside the Factory –
Dont Think: Do Revit –
Buildz –
Arch|Tech –
DesignReform –

*** For Crazy Rendering Eyecandy:
BBB3Vis –
Ronen Bekerman –
Mental Ray –
CGDigest –

*** ACE Professional Blogs:
Construction Law Musings –
Best Practices Construction Law –

Enjoy and Happy New Year!


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