Do Work, Son!


Do Work, Son! The rally cry of a generation. Ok, maybe not, but one that actually makes a good deal of sense, and perhaps our generation needs to embrace a bit more. Or maybe we have, we just fail to convince others? I’m sure most folks these days have heard rumors that us emerging professionals (Gen X’rs, Millennials and the like) are, if not quite lazy, certainly entitled. We just want everything handed to us, don’t you know. Why are we thought of this way? Could the rumors be true!?

Most of us EP’s started using technology at an early age. Look to the recent grads around the office (you do see some, right?) these poor souls have been bombarded with information at the speed of light for greater than half of their life. They have been exposed to concepts that previous generation might have learned about far later in life, been offered experiences beyond their years, and given tools to advance their expressive capabilities. Can you blame them for feeling like they have something to say?

Perhaps we talk too much?

Maybe it’s time that we, dear emerging professionals, start to Do Work. Put in the hours, go out on a limb, and be bold. It is only through real dedication and a good commitment of time that we will shed others preconceived notions about our generation, and let them see us for who we really are.

This goes for both our professional lives and our personal lives.

If you’re lucky enough to be employed take full advantage of your situation. Some of us out there are going to find ourselves in the ideal situation, others not. If you love your job, put in the long hours that it will take to convince our mentor generations that we care, that we are committed. If you don’t love your job, do the same thing! Innovate, look for new and better ways of doing things, but always respect the lessons around the office. Use your fresh perspective to question; to find differentiation and exploit it to the benefit of all.

In our personal lives let’s do the same. If you have kids, Do Work. This didn’t really hit home for me until about 11 months ago, when my son was born. Where I previously thought long hours working on a design problem required dedication and skill I now see that raising my son will take the real energy and focus. Let’s not take our families for granted. Hug them and tell them what they mean to you. Stop and greet your neighbors. Do you know their names? If not, reach out to them, I bet they have a great story to tell. What I’m getting at is let’s Do Work in both our personal and social lives so that we can be the change that we want to see in the world. Given some of the events of the previous year, I think we can all go for that.

Here’s to a bright and prosperous 2013!

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