Would you like some help with your AREs?


Admittedly, this announcement is a bit last minute, but now is better than never. Over the last several months, I have been working with staff at AIA Colorado to re-vamp our ARE education session offerings. In short, we have taken 8 sessions (one over-all strategy session and then a session for each individual division) and compressed them into a 6 month time frame. This cycle will repeat twice throughout 2013. The sessions are grouped according to test overlap material. The first two sessions are this Saturday. We begin with a strategy session, followed by an in depth look at Site Planning and Design. February will bring Programming, Planning and Practice, and March will bring Construction Documents and Services. The program is designed for participants to take one exam a month, with Schematic Design as a floater in the last three months of the program. In the unfortunate event that you fail a section, the mandatory 6 mo. waiting period will be expiring just about the time the second offering of the class will be offered. Take a look at the class offerings and let us help you prepare!

Note: Colorado is now one of a growing number of states that allows concurrency; basically, you can test while you are working through IDP. For questions about IDP, contact Megan Kullerd, your Colorado IDP coordinator. Post questions to the blog and I will do my best to answer. We are still accepting registrations through 5pm tomorrow, but no onsite registration will be offered. I hope to see you on Saturday!

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