ARE Study Seminars & Trivia Nights

 If you were looking for more motivation to get your AREs finished and your license in hand, 2013 has turned out to be a banner year for news that affects Associate Members. Towards the end of 2012, AIA Denver managed a significant re-work to their ARE study seminars, bringing in new instructors and aligning the class offerings to the current divisional realities of the exam.  With a successful first run of the program completed in June of 2013, a second session is being offered starting in July.  The attached schedule outlines the dates, but we will begin on July 13th with a 4 hour general test taking and strategy session as well as a 4 hour Site Planning and Design (SPD) Session.  In subsequent months, we will cover the remaining divisions, taking advantage of synergies between divisions and the compounding nature of the tests.  With over 100 participants during the first run, we saw impressive pass rates and received extremely positive feedback on the quality and value of the program.  For our second series of sessions, we are offering the same seminar options as the previous term with the added benefits of monthly trivia nights and optional study groups for the seminars beginning in July.

Why is this important to you?  Because the ARE is changing (please read the link below for preliminary information).  If you are considering taking the AREs within the next 18 months, it is important to take advantage of these programs now because the days of the current version 4.0 are numbered.  NCARB has announced a transition to version 5.0, and at this time, there is little information about what changes we can expect.  However, what we do know is that the programs, knowledge, and experience we are able to offer now will be significantly impacted by this new version.  As we have seen with previous transitions, there will be a significant period of time during which we will need to re-learn the specifics of the test divisions significantly affecting our ability to offer the same quality of education that we are currently able to provide. 

In addition, legislation at the state level has increased the value of licensure (SB13-161).  The word “architect” has essentially become a protected title.  Candidates are required to carry a license in the State of Colorado in order to use the term architect or to use any derivative of that term when referring to their businesses or the services that said businesses provide.  An exception has been provided for interns, allowing certain individuals to identify as Architectural Intern. For more information visit the follow link

It is important for all Associate Members to understand that as a State, Colorado now supports concurrency.  Essentially, this allows candidates that have an NAAB accredited degree and a minimal amount of professional experience to sit for their exams while working through their IDP requirements.  For more information on this, please contact Meg Kullerd Hohnholt, AIA, at

Download the ARE Seminar registration form  –

For more information on the upcoming ARE Seminar sessions please contact Nathan Gulash at or Jenna Cather at

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