Time of Change…

I’ve been writing about “change” a lot lately, but can you blame? It seems as though what we once knew is no longer, and what is yet to come is undetermined – AIA Colorado is in the process of reposition itself, NCARB will soon be rolling out the still-mysterious next version of the ARE, even the AIA Colorado Practice and Design Conference is mixing things up this year – as Bob Dylan put it “Times are a-changin’.” Change, to me, shows progress and movement forward. Change is a step in a new direction. Change is a commitment to the future.

Here at the AIA Colorado Emerging Professional Blog we, too, find ourselves in a time of change.  As the year winds down, we will begin to say good-bye to some of our original talent and hello to new opinions, perspectives, and passions. It’s exciting and bittersweet at the same time.  The writers that will be leaving us at years end, and those who have already departed, have made everlasting footprints on this blog. This blog has grown into something more than any of us could have imagined on day one – we have readers all around the world, our daily “hits” continue to increase, our writers have been published in national magazines, and a few of us were given the opportunity to represented the blog and fellow AIA Colorado Emerging Professionals at the AIA National Convention this summer by presenting a 90 minute presentation. This blog has given all of us a platform to speak our minds, share our opinions about the profession, and engage our readers with our own professional experiences. As hard as it is to say good-bye to the ones we have come to love, we are excited to let the next generation of bloggers leave their own lasting impression.

I think I speak for everyone involved with this blog when I say that we will miss our departing bloggers but we’re excited for what’s to come. Between September 15th and December 1st we will be accepting “Letters of Intent” from any AIA Colorado member interested in being a blogger for the AIA Colorado EP Blog. In December, we will select 2 Young Architects, 1 Associate and 2 AIAS Students to join our 2014 Blog team. A formal call for entry will hit your inboxes next week! If you’re passionate about architecture, excited about our profession and a talented writer than we want you to join our team! Feel free to contact me directly with any questions – heatherludwig29@gmail.com.

Over the past couple of years writing for this blog, I have seen change. I’ve seen change in our profession. I’ve seen change here at the blog. I’ve even experience change in my professional life. Through it all, one thing has stayed consistent – this blog has always been a voice for the Emerging Professionals. As we move forward with the blog you will see change. You will read new writers that will come with fresh ideas, different perspectives and a wide range of backgrounds. You will gain new insight to the profession and be exposed to different individuals with diverse opinions. But as we move forward with these changes one thing will remain the same – the AIA Colorado Emerging Professionals Blog will continue to be the of the Emerging Professionals.

Cheers to Change!

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