Would You Rather… Repositioning AIA Colorado

Over a year ago, the AIA announced it’s intention to REPOSITION. Sometime around July, leaders from across the state of Colorado gathered to discuss what repositioning for our state might look like. Ideas were tossed around — some hated, some loved, but the intention was to create the best possible organization for its members. Over the past year, members of AIA Colorado have met on various task forces, committees, and boards to determine what our repositioning will look like. The time has come for the ideas to become a reality. Members of AIA CO have driven this change. AIA CO members will vote on whether or not to reposition. To help the members gain a better understanding of the process and what it means for us we decided to call in Brittany Karstrand of the AIA Colorado Staff to give us an update and an break down of WHAT REPOSITIONING IS and HOW IT AFFECTS YOU.


Would You Rather… by Brittany Karstrand, AIA CO Marketing and Communications Manager

You’ve heard about it a thousand times over in the last year. You’ve been inundated—and maybe a little underwhelmed—with all of this repositioning speak. You often wonder why you should care, and how this change will affect you. No more confusion. Instead of reading about it until your eyes start bleeding, let’s play a little game called would you rather…

Would you rather do design work, or spend your time working on a field report?

Like architects, AIA volunteers and staff want to spend time nourishing their passion: making YOU the best architect you can be. Running AIA in Colorado as five separate corporations equates to A LOT of field reporting. Repositioning will un-incorporate the local chapters, allowing our human capital to switch gears, put our boots on the ground and affect change.

Would you rather have the latest version of REVIT at your fingertips, or spend countless hours hand-drafting toilet closet details?

Just as architecture is evolving, membership organizations are also evolving to meet the needs of new generations of members. AIA needs to be at the forefront. Repositioning is about a shift in mindset and behavior. It’s not a fad, but rather a lifestyle change. Where would we be if we didn’t jump on the BIM bandwagon? We must keep up with the ever-changing world we live in. We’re ready for this change, but we can’t do it without your approval.

Would you rather work with a client that understands your vision, or waste several days redesigning a curtain wall mullion pattern only to go back to the original design?

If the client and architect are not on the same page, the project remains incomplete and the ultimate vision is never attained. Great design cannot happen without consensus from all parties involved. Plain and simple, AIA’s vision is to better serve you. Therefore, REPOSITIONING cannot happen without YOU.

Would you rather advance in your career, or stay where you’re at until the end of time?

OK, a little dramatic, but this initiative demands action. How do you envision yourself in 10 years? As the next generation of architects, you have the capacity to design not only your own career, but the entire profession from the ground-up. AIA is your vehicle, help us [help you] get to where you want to go. Vote YES for Repositioning – REGISTER HERE.Image




2 thoughts on “Would You Rather… Repositioning AIA Colorado

  1. I hope that the AIA doesn’t reposition architects in such a way that architects no longer write field reports.

    Hand-drafting toilet partition details, wasting time redesigning mullion patterns, and being stuck in our careers all need to go away.

    But architects need to be the people who observe construction, to make sure that designs are being properly executed in the field, and architects need to write up those observations.

    This is kind of a tangent, I know. But it’s an important one. Let’s not reposition ourselves out of effective construction contract administration duties.

    • I can definitely appreciate the feedback, Liz. Trust me when I say, AIA will ALWAYS need to “write field reports.” It’s true in any business. We’re simply trying to streamline our processes and eliminate inefficiencies. We’d love to see/hear from you at the repositioning meetings on April 11!

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