NCARB’s Newest Endorsement

NCARB doesn’t usually flood my Facebook newsfeed, but this week it has been at the top every morning. Tuesday, NCARB announced its endorsement of Licensure Upon Graduation for students of architecture. In an effort to streamline licensure, this is the newest and by far, the most controversial announcement NCARB has made in a while. While, I could run through each component of what this entails, I figured it is best left to the pro’s over at NCARB to explain what this “endorsement” means and how it will affect the future of the architectural profession.

Long story short: There could potentially be an optional track of licensure upon graduation for architecture students of NAAB-accredited programs. Existing tracks to licensure will not go away. There is a lot of legwork that needs to be done before this could be a reality. Read below for more information if this sparks your curiosity.

NCARB’s Blog

NCARB Licensure Upon Graduation



Needless to say there have been quite a few spin-off posts on various blogs contributing to the conversation. Check out Archinect News for a blog post listing the pros and cons of Licensure Upon Graduation.

Archinect News

If you are someone that feels strongly about this, this is the opportunity to voice your opinion, share it with fellow architects, interns and professors. It is important that we understand where we are headed as a profession, but it is also up to us to help shape it.

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