Happy Holidays


It is the season of sugar plums, stockings, egg nog, too many cookies, and all that twinkles. Children everywhere are asked whether they have been naughty or nice.

My children are the age where everything Christmas is magical and very fun – still too young to have anxiety about whether their behavior over the past year amounts to “naughty” or “nice.” (Which, by the way, means I have zero Santa leverage when they are throwing a tantrum in the grocery store).

This time of year also means a heavy calendar of holiday parties and networking events.  No matter how delicately I attempt to answer the question “What do you do?”, I have found there are very few things that can suffocate small talk faster than revealing that I am a lawyer.  In the pause that follows my pronouncement, I can relate to Calvin’s anxiety.

Apparently, there is a naughty and nice list for lawyers, too.

Inevitably, the next question I am asked is whether I am the “good” or “bad” kind of lawyer.  “Wait,” I think, “Give me a chance to plead my case! Not all lawyers are naughty!” Are they?

Therefore, in order to promote Christmas cheer and goodwill toward my profession I extend an offer of representation to Calvin and other similarly situated youth who may have gotten into mischief and need to plead their case to Santa Claus before those reindeer take off from the North Pole.


Merry Christmas Everyone!

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