The Art of Unplugging


I am not sure whether it should be a whispered confession or a exclamation shouted from Colorado’s highest peak: I let my cellphone die. And did not recharge it for three days. Yes, three whole days without phone, email, text, Facebook, or Twitter.

My children, ages 2 and 4, have been known to walk around the house with calculators or old cellphones making “important” calls or sending “work emails”.  That should tell you that my husband and I both pretty much work around the clock thanks to technology.

When my phone died on the way to the Great Sand Dunes National Park, I started to reach for the charger then saw my children I the back seat gazing out the windows. I should spend time gazing out the window too. So I put the phone down.

We had a wonderful time. We got dirty. We played in the water. I felt more present than I had in months.

Imagine my surprise when I got back to my office, and my technology, and discovered that the world hadn’t come to a halt because I wasn’t digitally tethered to it.  My clients hadn’t jumped ship, either.  In fact, we had some very nice, personal, conversations when I confessed to the I had taken a vacation.

This summer, I encourage you to unplug. Turn off. Tune out. Whether it is just for an entire weekend at home or on an epic family vacation, enjoy life fully in the present for a moment. And if you don’t unplug, cut the rest of us some slack. We will respond to your email when we get back…

One thought on “The Art of Unplugging

  1. TIME also recently published an article Who Killed Summer Vacation. Call me crazy, but I would love to unplug and institute European-style vacances!

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