Guest Post: What (and Who) is the Emerging Professionals Committee?

Looking to get involved more involved in Denver’s extended architectural community?  Avik, YAF Chair to the Emerging Professionals Committee, provides a primer in what the committee is and how to get involved.   – Beth Mosenthal, AIA, LEED AP BD+C

You may be asking yourself, what is the Emerging Professionals Committee? According to our Statement of Purpose: The Emerging Professionals Committee is the intersection of representation for Student, Associate AIA, and Young Architect members. Its purpose is threefold: to improve knowledge sharing, expand outreach, and advocate on behalf of emerging professionals at all levels through collaborative efforts and direct communication.

Emerging Professionals Symposium B

Emerging Professional’s Symposium, 2016

As the YAF Colorado Chair on the EPC this year, I know this by heart- but if you haven’t heard of the EPC or know about our events, that’s an issue regarding “direct communication” we are working to change in 2016. Our hope is to foster a rich design community with eclectic people by providing diverse opportunities. In February we had our first-annual Emerging Professionals Symposium held over a half-day at the University of Colorado Denver. Over 100 attendees joined us for six sessions and a keynote followed by a happy hour, and we cannot wait to expand upon this Symposia in upcoming years.

Cynthia Fishman of the EPC is leading the planning of our next big event- On May the 4th be with you day, AIA EPC will be partnering with over 15 other professional organizations again for the 4th annual Meet the Dark Side interdisciplinary networking event at Stoney’s Bar and Grill from 5:30-8pm.  It will be free to attend and the first 150 people to show up will get two free drinks. We are expecting 300-500 people for this Star Wars themed event (costumes encouraged) and attendees will have the option of playing ice-breaker bingo for amazing prizes in order to meet the next generation of leaders in architecture, engineering, construction, graphic design, marketing, sustainability, real estate, and more!

Katie Finnegan and Max McCloskey of the EPC are organizing the Young Architect Awards Gala on Friday June 3rd at Gensler Denver’s office; entry registration is now open and submittals are due by noon on April 22nd. In between we’re having smaller events including build days with Habitat for Humanity, Happy Hours, Building Tours, and Firm Crawls. Our hope is that our weekend events allow folks from other parts of the state to join in too. Down the line we also hope to have more collaborative events with other disciplines, such as Urban Planners, Landscape Architects, and Interior Designers (and if you’re in one of those disciplines and want to join forces for an event, let us know!).

If this all sounds like something you’d be interested in, consider joining our EPC list-serv! This is not a commitment to join the Committee, but the opening of a direct line of communication with the EPC- you’ll receive infrequent emails with all the upcoming events and opportunities without any worry of your email being distributed, and you can unsubscribe at any time. If you have ideas for an event, such as leading a building tour of your project, please send those ideas to us- we’re all ears! And if you do want to join us as an active committee member, just contact us. For whatever reason, you can find us at

Build Day A

EPC Build Day

EPC Chair Adam Harding, myself, and the entire committee are stoked for our new upcoming events and initiatives this year. We hope you’re excited as well and hope to see you at one (or all) of them soon!


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