Christy Riggs, AIA LEED GA

christy308Chisty Riggs, AIA, LEED Green Associate

Mom.  Architect.  Married-to-an-Architect.  Business Owner.

Christy’s career as a Registered Architect allows her great opportunities to express her creativity in a sustainable and lasting way throughout Colorado, but she’s not content to simply practice architecture; she’s also highly involved with the local AIA Colorado, South Section and the Colorado Springs Fire Board of Reviews, allowing her to share her expertise and passion for the profession.  In July of 2011 Christy was in the position to start her own company, 308 LLC.  It’s been a learn-as-she-goes process, but she truly enjoys sharing the experiences she’s had to help others  in their own pursuits of a successful career.

A household with one Architect has its own challenges, but Christy’s husband is also an Architect creating award winning designs with the firm RTA Architects in Colorado Springs.  She and her husband, Mike, both tend to work a lot, focus on peculiar details when they’re out in public, have strong opinions on seemingly irrelevant matters (to others) and display varying levels of OCD.  But, together, the two of them are raising two beautiful girls in a “constant-state-of-remodel” historic 1894 Victorian home in downtown Colorado Springs, and they even manage to squeeze in at least a few trips to the slopes with toddlers in tow.  Christy’s “Career-Mom” lifestyle may seem overwhelming, but she hopes that her experiences will help others have some insight on how to achieve goals within and outside of their chosen design career.


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